Share what you are working on, get some feedback from like minded people, have fun.

What is a StartupCampWaterloo? Why would I go?

In the days before founders had a lot of local events to choose from (and someone to cover the costs) the unconference movement offered a model where the community can have an event it owns at a very low cost. This style of event believes that value of the event comes from the people attending. So it is kinda like organized socialization for introverts (founders).

There are demos? Who gets to do that? Why would I do that?

The whole point of the event is to have people in the community share what they are working on, get some feedback from like minded people, and hopefully build on those connections later. To do this we have a very simple process that involves a whiteboard, a 30 second pitch, and audience voting for what they want hear about.

This isn’t a pitch competition.

For the person pitching this is a great environment to work on your story telling and gain some insights. For those attending but not wanting to pitch it is a great place to learn about new ideas, build your peer group, and gain some confidence.

Who is behind this event?

Mic Berman (awesome startup wisdom sharer, was COO at Freshbooks and now at ClearFit), Simon Woodside (first founder to set up in the Accelerator Centre when it opened with Semacode, was at Apple, has another company), and Jesse Rodgers (builder of VeloCity, founder of TribeHR, building the Creative Destruction Lab, but before that started StartupCampWaterloo with Simon and Mic).

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