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Moved over to WordPress but I broke stuff

I am spending my Sunday moving my blog out of a broken and out dated Rails app (Simplelog – but I had fun with it) over to WordPress. I thought about going back to Textpattern (where it all started in 2004) but I don’t want to think a lot about my blog and I am pretty familiar with WordPress thanks to all the other places I use it. Of course changing database set ups means breaking things, at least for a bit. What I know is broken is a short list though…

Permalinks are really broken

Permalinks have changed even though WordPress imported the link from the RSS it grabs its permalink from “postname” in the db. The old URL’s are in the “guid” column but WordPress doesn’t honor them.

Wordpress tears

I can’t easily map that shorter link from my other db because the post ID’s numbers, post dates, etc are different. For example this screen shot above is post ID# 6 in the WP db called “post_name” but in my simplelog db it is post ID# 448 and the info is in “permalink.” It should be easy if I match the 448 to 6, replace post_name with permalink, and go to the next one by counting down one from simplelog and up one on the wp table. But this is where being an associate director gets you… I can’t seem to figure it out where it doesn’t make a mess somewhere along the way.  I will fix though, maybe.


Simple actually… the old RSS link maps to RSS 0.92 in wordpress, for RSS 2.0 you need to change your feed link to and it should be fine.

No comments carried over

I lost them, need to insert them again if I can map the ids reliably.

Analytics and PostRank out the window

Has a look at my PostRank stuff and wow, all the past info is gone. Same with the google analytics stuff as most of the post links are different now and the old ones don’t work. Sad in a lot of ways but it shows you how delicate this stuff is. Hopefully as I fix the data it will come back.

Overall I like it

As I push ahead with my Project52 commitment I think the switch will make that easier. I am wanting to get my head back into coding though and that has started but I am pretty sure I won’t want to play with Rails again for anything I want to rely on, like say my blog with 400+ posts since 2004.

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  1. The new WordPress site looks great – sorry to hear you lost all of your data!
    (did you misspell ‘lessor’ on purpose? 🙂